The Ideal Clean Agent Alternative

N2 generators are based on the same successful technology employed by automobile airbag inflators for decades. Our patented breakthrough applies this technology to the domain of total flood clean agent fire suppression, re-writing the rules of total flood clean agent fire protection engineering, provides enhancements in size and weight efficiency, affordability and life cycle cost, toxicity and safety, while providing total compliance with the most stringent environmental climate change regulations worldwide.

How it works!


Solid nitrogen propellant is stored in compact generators


Fire or Explosive Fire is Detected


N2 Generator is triggered, releasing clean N2 gas


Fire is extinguished in in less than a minute


Oxygen levels remains safe for occupied spaces, with no residue and no cleanup

Flexible Installation Options

Our Simple, unique technology offers a wide variety of installation options that can accomodate even the most challenging situations.

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Did You Know?

Many of today's clean agent fire suppression systems create hazardous Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) decomposition gases when exposed to an open flame. N2 Generators create zero HF gases.

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The Unique Benefits of N2 Generators

Effective Total Flood Protection

  • Extinguishes explosive fires in less than 150 milliseconds
  • Extinguishes fires in less than a minute
  • Fills entire room with no stratification
  • Works around corners and behind obstructions
  • Ultrahigh heat capacity allows it to retain its gas-like flow and filling behavior
  • Discharge temperature is automatically elevated, preventing the extinguishant from immediately freezing after discharge under extremely cold conditions

Cost & Maintenance

  • Low up-front unit cost
  • Negligible design and installation cost
  • Minimum 15 year service free shelf life
  • Rechargeable on site
  • 100% leak proof

Pre-Engineered for Easy Installation

  • Compact and space efficient
  • No need for pressurized gas or the associated "bottle farms"
  • No piping or nozzles
  • Easy for retrofitting
  • High design margin for flexibility with changes in the room's free volume

People Safe

  • Releases harmless, inert, N2 gas
  • Maintains oxygen levels that are safe for occupied spaces
  • No cardiotoxicity
  • Creates no HF decomposition gases


  • Simple, fool-proof design
  • Benefits from the extreme levels of reliability that are standard for the gas generator devices due to their propensity for use in critical life-safety applications such as automotive airbags
  • Reduced risk of piping damage due to manmade or natural disasters or mishaps, with each compartment being independently protected

Protects Room Contents

  • No residue or cleanup
  • No water damage
  • No caustic acid by-product
  • One of the quietest clean agent systems in the world

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% environmentally friendly discharge
  • Releases only harmless, inert, N2 gas
  • No residue, no cleanup, no water damage
  • No caustic acid by-product