Aviation & Aircraft

Aircraft fire suppression poses one of the most serious challenges of the industry. The system must reliably extinguish fires and explosive fires quickly and within a confined area while at the same time maintaining safe conditions for passengers.

The unique benefits of N2 Generators make it ideally suitable for aircraft fire suppression. N2 Generators are simple, compact and reliable. Furthermore, N2 Generators release only 100% clean nitrogen gas while maintaining oxygen levels that are safe for occupied spaces, with no possibility of hazardous hydrogen fluoride gas decomposition.

Key Advantages

  • Extinguishes explosive fires in less than 150ms
  • Extinguishes fires in less than a minute
  • Maintains oxygen levels that are safe for occupied spaces
  • No hazardous hydrogen fluoride gas decomposition
  • Compact and space efficient
  • No pressurized gas or piping
  • Effective even in extreme hot or cold temperature conditions
  • 25 year service-free shelf life

Potential Applications and Installation Options

  • Passenger Areas
  • Cargo bays
  • Hidden areas
  • Dry bays
  • Engine Nacelles

Flexible Installation Options

Our Simple, unique technology offers a wide variety of installation options that can accomodate even the most challenging situations.

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Did You Know?

Many of today's clean agent fire suppression systems create hazardous Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) decomposition gases when exposed to an open flame. N2 Generators create zero HF gases.

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