Telecommunications & IT

We understand the importance of 24/7 uptime and critical data preservation. Server farms and communications facilities contain vital equipment but are often unmanned, making a reliable fire suppression system crucial.

Key advantages

  • Extinguishes explosive fires in less than 150 milliseconds
  • Extinguishes fires in less than a minute
  • Fills entire room with no stratification
  • Works around corners and behind obstructions
  • Ultrahigh heat capacity allows it to retain its gas-like flow and filling behavior
  • Discharge temperature is automatically elevated, preventing the extinguishant from immediately freezing after discharge under extremely cold conditions

Potential Applications and Installation Options

  • Server Farms, Computer Rooms
  • UPS and Electrical Rooms
  • Switching Equipment
  • Call Centers
  • Remote Facilities

Flexible Installation Options

Our Simple, unique technology offers a wide variety of installation options that can accomodate even the most challenging situations.

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Did You Know?

Many of today's clean agent fire suppression systems create hazardous Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) decomposition gases when exposed to an open flame. N2 Generators create zero HF gases.

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