Marine & Shipboard

Boats, ships and other seafaring vessels are especially vulnerable to the consequences of fires and explosive fires. The presence of flammable fuels, lack of access to emergency services, and limited evacuation options all necessitate an effective and reliable fire suppression system.

N2 Generators' flexible design makes them suitable for a range of marine applications, from aircraft carriers and cruise ships to personal yachts. N2 Towers can be stacked in large engine rooms to reduce the system's footprint. Individual N2 Generators can be placed in small rooms or compartments.

Key Advantages

  • Rugged reliable design
  • Extinguishes fires in less than a minute
  • Extinguishes explosive fires in less than 150ms
  • Full protection against Class A and Class B fires
  • Maintains oxygen levels that are safe for occupied spaces, with no evacuation required
  • Multiple N2 Towers can be stacked in large rooms, ensuring total flood protection with no stratification
  • Smaller N2 Generators can be installed in tight spots, including small rooms and cabinets
  • No pressurized gas, piping or nozzles
  • Cost effective retrofit implementation
  • Maintenance free 25 year shelf life

Potential Applications and Installation Options

  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Cruise Ships
  • Yachts
  • Engine, Generator and Pump rooms
  • Cargo Holds
  • Smaller rooms and cabinets

Flexible Installation Options

Our Simple, unique technology offers a wide variety of installation options that can accomodate even the most challenging situations.

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Did You Know?

Many of today's clean agent fire suppression systems create hazardous Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) decomposition gases when exposed to an open flame. N2 Generators create zero HF gases.

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